Village Outreach
We are working with a village with the plans, dreams and hopes of helping them help themselves to break their situation of poverty.  We are working to help bring spiritual, educational, and economic empowerment to their situation.  We have helped them purchase their own land in which to live and are helping them with building cement block houses to replace their houses of plastic sheeting and wood scraps.  We have built houses for 27 families thus far and have also built a church in their community.
Elderly Home Outreach
We enjoy weekly visits with the residents of the local nursing home.  It is a blessing for us to be their friends and share love, laughter and tears with them.  We appreciate the opportunity to minister to them through the Word of God, prayer, music, gifts, snacks and games.
Children and Youth Outreach
In Honduras, if a person learns a second language – English, the statistics say that they can double what they could normally earn in their lifetime.  If a person learns computer skills, they can triple what they could normally earn in their lifetime.  Through our English classes and computer classes offered at our ministry center and in the local school, we are investing in many children and young adults, possibly making a lifetime of difference in their lives.

We touch the hearts of children weekly with the love of Christ through our activities with them such as teaching English and computer in the local school, reading and sharing books, Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible School, Youth meetings, Discipleship programs, softball, soccer and basketball clinics, fun and game events.

In keeping with the name given to La Ceiba, Honduras of “the party city,” we have our own “party ministry” that brings smiles and joy to many in the elderly home, orphanages, neighborhoods and villages.